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Bid vir Suid Afrika vir 1 min.

Iemand êrens het eenkeer genoem dat as Christene werklik die volle omvang van die krag wat beskikbaar was deur gebed kon besef, ons sprakeloos sou staan.

Gedurende die tweede wêreldoorlog was daar ‘n adviseur van Churchill wat ‘n groep mense bymekaargekry het om op ‘n vasgestelde tyd elke dag dit wat hulle gedoen het net so gelos het en vir ‘n volle minuut lank gebid het vir die veiligheid van Engeland, haar mense en vir vrede.

Daar is nou so ‘n beweging aan die groei in Suid Afrika. As jy dalk wil deelneem: Elke aand om 9 uur, stop dit waarmee jy besig is vir ‘n minuut en bid vir die veiligheid van Suid Afrika, ons mense en vir ‘n terugkeer na Jesus en na Goddelike waardes.

Pray for South Africa for 1 min.

Someone once said that if Christians really want to experience the power that is available through prayer, they will be speechless.

During the 2nd world war an advisor from Churchill got a group of people together to pray at a specific time every day to pray for 1 full min. They will then leave everything they do that very moment and pray for 1 full min for the safety of England, their people and for peace…

There is now such a group in SA who is praying every night at 09h00 pm for 1 min – would you like to be part of this group? STOP everything you doing at 09h00 pm every night and pray for the safety of our people in SA – for people to return to God and for Christian values.

A National Week of prayer against crime, violence and corruption: 23-29 November 2009

Dear Friends

We are calling the nation to a week of intense prayer about the issue of violence, crime and corruption in our nation. All of us are effected by violence. Many suffer. People from all walks of life and in all suburbs and townships suffer. Women and children suffer through increasing domestic violence, caused by alcohol abuse and other forces that cause violence. Cape Town has been identified as the 5th most violent city in the world and Johannesburg is number 20. Corruption, crime, violence, violent crime, murder, rape, abortion, domestic violence, etc is rampant in our nation.

We want to encourage Christians to take 23-29 November to pray for one week with all seriousness, repentance and commitment about this.

We encourage all churches and 24/7 prayer watches nationwide to take this week to pray against crime, violence and corruption:

  1. Consider a week of night-and-day prayer – as church members to raise a night and day watch to cry out to God for mercy. We can provide material to churches that want to know how to establish a prayer room for one week.
  2. Organize as many prayer groups as possible during that week to gather for prayer to pray about these issues.
  3. You are welcome to use the prayer guidelines below as prayer pointers.
  4. Use the prayer pointers as a special edition in your prayer bulletin for the week of 23-29 November.
  5. Take time during the church services on 22nd and 29th of November to pray about this issue.
  6. Consider mass prayer meetings on the 28th, involving all churches in your community

Bennie Mostert (Jericho Walls Prayer Network)
Supported by Global Day of Prayer and NIRSA (National Initiative for Reformation in South Africa)

Prayer Pointers on Crime, Violence and Corruption

During the time of Noah, mankind had filled the earth with violence (Gen 6:5-13). The corrupted ways of mankind grieved the heart of God and He decided to intervene through the flood. Jesus prophesied that before His return to earth, it will be again “…as in the days of Noah…” (Luke 17:26). He also warned that when lawlessness increase, the love of many will grow cold (Matt 24:12). However, Jesus gave Himself for us, to redeem us from all lawlessness (Tit 2:14). Let us humble ourselves and ask again for a Divine Intervention in our times.

Draw near to the Throne of Grace with confidence…

  • Present yourself before the Throne as an instrument of righteousness (Rom 6:13)
  • Appeal to the Judge of all the earth to intervene and break the cycle of violence, hatred and revenge (Gen 18:25)
  • Allow the Holy Spirit to search your heart and confess also on behalf of all South Africans the following:
    • Abortion (abortion is murder of the innocent and it opens a spiritual door for violence and bloodshed in a society)
    • Violent crime causing bloodshed (armed robberies, murder)
    • Murder of families, children and elderly
    • Divorce (an act of violence – Mal 2:16)
    • Sexual violence against women and children (rape, assault, sexual harassment, prostitution) and incest in families
    • Domestic violence (verbal, physical and emotional abuse)
    • Corruption of moral values which causes violence (Gen 6:12-13)
  • Confess on behalf of all South Africans the following factors contributing to crime, violence and corruption:
  • Greed, anger, sexual lust, lust for power, alcoholism, drug-abuse, gambling (lottery, etc.), stealing, fraud. (Gambling is idolatry and it opens a spiritual door for corruption and crime in society – Isa.65:11-12)
  • Pray for the Blood of Jesus to cleanse the sins of the people of South Africa and to speak forgiveness (Heb.12:24). Pray for the Lord Jesus Christ to deliver South Africa from criminals, violent and corrupt people and for their salvation (2 Sam.22:3,49; Isa.59:1-16; Prov.29:26; Mic.7:2-7).
  • Pray for the Lord Jesus Christ to redeem the lives of victims of violence, crime and corruption and to comfort them (Ps.72:14; Hab.1:2; Ezek.34:16). Pray that believers will separate themselves from anything and anyone that contribute to violence, crime and corruption and walk in holiness (Ps.17:4; Jer.22:3,13-17; Ezek 22:26; Mal.1:13).
  • Pray for righteous punishment for those who practice crime, violence and corruption (Zeph.1:9; Prov.21:15; Jer.10:24). Pray for the spirit of fear to be broken and to be replaced with the fear of the Lord (Jer.51:47; 2 Chron.19:7).
  • Pray for the human and demonic networks of violence, crime and corruption to be broken and to be exposed (Prov.3:31;16:29; Jam.3:15-16). Pray for a spirit of prayer and repentance to be poured out on us so that South Africa will turn back to the Living God (Jonah 3:8).
  • Pray for faithfulness in marriages and families (Mal.2:16). Pray for justice to be restored in South Africa (Ex 23:2; Ps 10:17,18 [18,19]).
  • Pray for the voice of God to be heard from the Church concerning violence and justice (Ps.72:2; Prov 2:6-9; Matt.5:16). Pray for every believer in every sphere of society to walk in righteousness and justice (Ezek.18:5-9; Mic.6:8; Col.3:5-7).
  • Pray for the Church to faithfully wait on the Lord Jesus and to pray until He restores justice (Hos.12:6; Luke 18:3-7). Pray for the Church to do everything to ensure that justice is enforced in this nation (Heb.11:33; Jam.1:17).
  • Pray for the favour of the Most High God in South Africa (Deut 32:4; Jer 7:5-8; Prov.14:34). Pray for God’s Kingdom to be established and His Will to be done in our nation.

I saw a vision of Southern Africa

November 2004, while praying for our country, I saw a vision:
Southern Africa was black, dark and full of anguish.
Above it in mid air was a glass trough as big as Southern Africa, filled with a thick black mass.
Every now and then some of this blackness spills onto the earth beneath it, making Southern Africa darker and darker.

There appeared a glass pitcher, even bigger than the trough, filled with oil.
Slowly the oil where being poured into the glass trough.

The oil flowed down to the bottom of the trough with the blackness floating on top.
The spilling of the blackness increased.
Africa became even darker.


In 2007 the picture looked slightly different.
The trough, now half filled with oil and the top half still with the thick blackness.

The pitcher still pouring oil…


October 2009 the trough now filled with oil.
The trough is shining, not with a brilliant light, but as if the sun light is shining through the oil, lighting up Africa with a golden yellow light.
The pitcher still pouring.
Now oil is spilling onto Southern Africa, washing away the blackness…


Last night we where also praying about ministry and specifically the need for ministry to grow international.

While praying, I saw the the same picture of Southern Africa with the trough, pitcher and oil.
The whole of Southern Africa is covered with the oil and is reflecting the sunlight, like small golden waves early morning on the sea.
Groups of people grabing hold of the edges of the oil covering Southern Africa and start pulling it and stretching it over the rest of the globe.
Some went by boat, some walked, some flew and others went by car.