Emmanuel Mgqwashu, Professor of English Language Teaching and Literacy Development at Rhodes University defined decolonisation of university curriculum as making African identities and world views the most prominent or important feature.

Although I agree with his statement, I feel that it is important to start this process at a much deeper level. I believe that true decolonisation starts with you personally. You need to know, trust and believe that you are not superior, inferior, better or worse than others. No! You’re their equal.

God created all people equal and as long as you don’t accept it, you will never be completely free. Knowing that all people are the same, is the most liberating truth. From this knowledge you are able to accept your own culture, customs, religion and basic understanding as the foundation of your education.

Parents need to teach their children this truth and stop blaming circumstances, apartheid, fear, the president or even the devil. This truth has the power to lift you above all of this, giving you a plain field of opportunity. Stop being ashamed of yourself, your language, culture, your skin colour, your past, your parents, your family or what ever excuse or shame you may think of. Your past have made you who you are and by embracing it, you become stronger. This does not mean that you are defined by your past, but you are using it as a stepping stone to reach even further.

According to specialists attitude is more important than knowledge. Allowing all of these truths to be part of you, will also enable you to have a healthy attitude towards life. Overcoming the hurdles of transformation and decolonisation starts with the attitude and worldview of each individual South African. More South Africans with a positive and healthy attitude and worldview will speed up the whole process of transformation and decolonisation.

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