Personal Mission and Vision

The responsibilities of each Christian should be based on obedience for this end product is holiness. Jesus said that “Where I am, there my servant will be also” (John 12:26). We do not all need to quit our jobs to be on the mission of God, but we need to follow Jesus wherever He goes. At work or school we are needed to establish the Kingdom of God. Therefore, living a Christ like life style introducing The Son of God to all mankind in order for them to receive salvation and live out The Mission of God, reconciling all man to God. This is done by establishing The Kingdom of God, His righteous and benevolent rule, where God initiates His covenants, explaining very clearly the terms, blessings, and duties of knowing Him.

The mission of God to reconcile all mankind to himself and bring all nations under his rule is brought to fruition through the Son of God who is both Saviour and King. These purposes are put into effect through the covenants of God which stipulate the terms of man’s restored relationship with God as his Saviour and his King (Crossroads).

The reality that you are valued needs to be part of your everyday living. You also need to ensure that those you come in contact with know that they are valued. Following Jesus’ example as seen in the Gospels is the most effective way of living out your value and showing others that they are also valued. To love people also includes to encourage them to know that they are valued.

2 gedagtes oor “Personal Mission and Vision”

  1. Ek het lank gelede n preek gehoor deur n AGS Past wat jare gelede nog in Bloemfontein was – Die titel was Wat sal jy dan maak in die pronkbossies van die Jordaan. Ek kan nie sy naam onthou meer nie maar die preek was baie treffend. Ek het na dit nog nie een weer gehoor preek daaroor nie. Weet iemand dalk van n preek oor dieselfde vers.


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