World Day of Prayer Cuba 2016

“As you receive children. You receive me.”

Join us on March 4 for the 2016 worship celebration written by WDP Cuba.

Maybe that is what Jesus would have liked to hear from the disciples when the little children were brought to him for a blessing! Instead, the disciples spoke sternly to them. Then Jesus challenged the disciples to see God’s love in the face of those children and to care for them. Let them come, and you will learn how to receive the Kingdom of God! Receive children. Receive me!

Which of those attitudes has been yours? Who are the children whom Jesus embraces and blesses while challenging us to receive them like the Kingdom of God? How would you with the worldwide WDP community continue to share this blessing? In silence, we listen to the voice of women and children in Cuba, meditate and embrace as we pray with them.

The attitude of prayer in the Worship Service begins with a welcoming coffee and a conversation about everyday life in Cuba. The service invites us to an inter-generational encounter where we celebrate the dreams of the elders, the vision of the young, and the wisdom of children. The different generations represent glimpses of Cuba’s history, geography, culture, and faith, inviting us to praise God.

Jesus receives the children, who were likely brought by their mothers, he receives those who were searching for him. In this encounter, Jesus declares: “Truly I tell you, whoever does not receive the Kingdom of God as a little child, will never enter it.”

For more information about a World Day of Prayer service near you, please contact your National Committee .

For more information about turning prayer into action, please visit our Prayerful Action page.


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