Professor Boasts of Evangelizing for Atheism

Evolutionary psychologist David Barash recently wrote in The New York Times about “The Talk” he gives to his students at the University of Washington each year. Barash tries to convince students that “The more we know of evolution, the more unavoidable is the conclusion that living things, including human beings, are produced by a natural, totally amoral process, with no indication of a benevolent, controlling creator.” (emphasis mine)

When Steve Meyer and I started Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture back in 1996, we hoped to counter the abuse of science by professors like Barash and provide a positive alternative. Because our supporters were there to help us, our hope has become a reality. Through the faithful support of our efforts by many donors, we have been able nurture and promote a new generation of voices in science, voices like Mike Behe, Guillermo Gonzalez, Bill Dembski, Jay Richards, Casey Luskin, Doug Axe, Ann Gauger, Richard Sternberg, Jonathan Wells, and Paul Nelson.

Unlike Professor Barash, who evangelizes for scientific atheism with taxpayer funds, we rely on voluntary donations. Steve Meyer and I would like to make a request: Will you partner with us in 2015 to continue our culture-changing work?

Here are some of the projects you can make possible next year:

  • Publication of Debating Darwin’s Doubt, a comprehensive response to the debates inspired by Steve Meyer’s bestselling book Darwin’s Doubt.
  • Production and release of a new short documentary on the mystery of biological information featuring Steve Meyer.
  • Completion of manuscripts for important new books by biologists Doug Axe, Michael Denton, and Richard Sternberg.
  • Launch of an online companion to our Discovering Intelligent Design curriculum, featuring short lectures by Casey Luskin and online quizzes.
  • Launch of the Intelligent Design Wiki to provide a comprehensive and authoritative online encyclopedia about intelligent design.

Help us provide a positive alternative to the David Barashes of our world. Make a generous end-of-year donation to Discovery Institute today!


John G. West, Ph.D.

Associate Director, Center for Science and Culture
Discovery Institute

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