Depression & Bipolar Disorder Conquered

Image‘Depression & Bipolar Disorder Conquered’ by Dr Hans Dreyer is a realistic, honest, practical and educational account of Depression and Bipolar Disorder, by a man who has suffered with, and conquered, both. We invite you to share in the victory!

Depression and Bipolar Disorder: common afflictions of the 21st century. While the general perception around Depression is that it can be treated successfully, people still seem to perceive Bipolar Disorder as a mental illness with ‘hit-and-miss’ diagnosis and even less therapeutic success.
This book is both realistic and uplifting; educational and motivational in its description of Depression and Bipolar Disorder by a man who has suffered with … and conquered … both. Not only does Dr Dreyer invite readers on a journey through his fascinating, tumultuous life story, but he provides vital insight into both diseases, their origins, symptoms and therapy options. It’s a ‘must read’ for sufferers, their partners and caregivers.

The best part of reading this book is the golden thread of personal experience that runs through it … this man is not a psychiatrist who has digested the disease information, and written a book on his ‘interpretation of the facts’. He is not a ‘subject expert’ in terms of simply reading books on the disease, whilst never having experienced it himself … he has LIVED through the highs and lows … only to rise victorious over his daunting circumstances … to find, with the help of his medical team, a successful path against all odds.

bookAbout the Author: Dr Dreyer has his own Pastoral Counselling practice, with Bipolar Disorder being his special field of interest. He has successfully steered countless individuals struggling with this disorder in the right direction over the past 20 years.

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