You Tell Um Story

You Tell Um Story
" We have heard with our ears, O God, Our fathers have told us, what deeds You did in their days, in days of old." Psalm 44:1 The elder of the aboriginal clan has lived a long life. He’s in his ninties now and his body is frail. He turns in his bed to see his young grandson faithfully attending to him. He musters up enough strength to draw a last breath "Grandson." His voice now becomes a whisper, Little Arrow leans toward his mouth. "You tell um story." With that, the grandfather closes his eyes this side of Heaven. In the Aboriginal culture telling stories is a vital part of their lives. They believe that the way a person lives his or her life tells a story. What the grandfather was saying is" you walk this journey well so that you leave a good story behind." We as Americans love stories as well. Look at all the novels on the bestsellers lists. We love to be inspired by other’s victories and we cry over people’s pain. We sometimes even see ourselves in the pages. Jesus Himself loved to tell stories because He knew better than anyone that they would touch the human heart.The greatest story in the history of eternity is all about Him. Even when he goes beyond his earthly life to the life of the early church it is still all about him. I often wonder, if the Bible were a continual book, for example, if the pages were being written daily….what would our lives read like? Ponder that thought for a moment. The truth is , whether you consider it or not, you are daily writing the story of your life. In years to come when you leave this earth people will retell that story. I wonder what your defining moments were? Who were the most important characters? Who was the one person you ran after most? Who were your heroes? When all is said and done will the last page of your story read "in the journey of life____________ lived so that all could see Jesus"? Will Jesus be the main character of the story? I pray that of all the things people remember of me the one shining truth would be….she loved her Lord. End of story.

Father, Your word tells us they overcame by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony. A testimony is so vital. May we walk this journey in such a way that our story is actually all about you!
Written By: Laurie L. Ferris
By: Laurie Ferris

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