Target Life – a cutting edge gap year!

Dear Friend, youth and parents of 18 -25 year olds:

Target Life presents a phenominal gap year that can change young people’s lives and bring them in line with their God given purpose, as well as to equip them with the skills they need to live life effectively. It is one of the most balanced gap years offered in South Africa. Target Life aims to stimulate growth in body, soul and spirit through fantastic, well packaged processes and content, real life application, adventure learning and student fun. The curriculum covers a wide variety of the most important life issues, and includes a comprehensive biblical worldview module that can help students to be effective witnesses in a humanistic world. The process and content of the Target Life course is well documented with some lectures avilable on DVD. The adventure aspect is only a part of the course, non extreme and tailored for everyone to be able to participate, yet still an unforgettable experience. Target Life is an amazing, life-changing, extra-ordinary experience that will add value to and influence the rest of one’s life.

Will you please consider sharing this information with your church members? This is a fantastic opportunity that our youth is in dire need of, one that may be the answer to many parent’s prayers. We would appreciate it very much as we believe this to be complimentary to your vision to disciple the youth. Students who do not understand Afrikaans can visit for our English course. They are situated in the Cape close to Gordon’s Bay. Thank you kindly.

Contact us:
Office Tel: 012 – 845 8370
Fax: 012 – 804 7256
Email: targetlife

Abel Loedolff – Dean 082 859 1519 (Brummeria)
Chris van Deventer 082 799 3012 (Montana)
Ernie de Meyer 084 555 4799 (Centurion)



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