Awaken to love

I received this word in May of this year for my local church. I have however come to realize that it’s a word in season for the church at large. My frustration with the church at present is the lack of spiritual fervor in the worshipping of her Lord. It seems that very few people are really hungry & thirsty for Him these days.

Hear this church of God; I have called you before the foundations of the earth were laid, & I have loved you with an everlasting love, for you are My beloved, my bride, my household, & my holy temple.

Now know this; I have set you apart according to my purposes for something very significant in a time like this. Yet you have not asked of me; “what is it my Lord?” “What would You require of me & where is it that You would have me go?” But I would say to you that many of you are guilty of neglect & carelessness in your devotion & your walk with Me.

Beware against being misled away from your devotion to Me, by the enemy, under the pretense of grace. If you were to have a true revelation of My grace for you, you would fall more in love with Me. Grace does not mean that you can neglect your Lord for the sake of the meaningless activities of the day. It does not mean that you can excuse yourself from engaging Me your One True Love.

I am standing at the door of the hearts of My people & very few have heard Me knocking & even less have opened up to Me. I desire to sit & sup with you My beloved, chosen, precious & holy in My sight. I have opened the way for you to come to Me & be with Me, anytime, anyhow.

But My Church has been consumed with the business of life & so very few know Me or knows My voice…so very few indeed. Few have taken the time to seek Me out & be seated at My feet to hear My words of love & My awesome plans that I have for My Church.

So very few have come to recline in My bosom like John, & so very few have come to be seated at My feet to hear My words like Mary. I am calling you to repentance My love. If only you would really listen to My voice, hear my words, & obey My instructions You would already be who I say you really are.

I have desired for you to commune with Me even before you walked this earth. I have longed for your communion even before I created the universe. Yet you have shunned My advances to you as a Lover who is so deeply in love with you as His betrothed.

But there will yet be a generation/church who will awaken to My love & who will share with Me the deepest delight & ecstasy of intimate communion & union with Me as her Bridegroom God. And I have called you for this very purpose My beloved.

Will you hear My voice & awaken to My love? Will you enter into the grace that so few have ever entered into? The very same grace that John took advantage of when he reclined in My bosom, My most intimate presence? The very same grace that Mary laid hold of when she gave up everything to love Me, follow Me, & listen to My words?

Like Mary I want you to be seated at My feet & give up your life for that which matters most, for that which can never be taken away from you. Today you must listen to My rebuke to you, My love, for you have become to be more like Martha & I desire for you to be like Mary.

Like Martha you have become more of a servant than a companion to Me. I’m looking for communion with you as my companion. I have no need of servants; only of a companion. Do not become distracted from my love by serving me as so many others have done before.

Like Martha you have become conservative & reserved in your devotion & worship of Me. Be like Mary my beloved; love & worship Me with unbridled passion & devotion & I will yet reward you with the greatest reward I have for My Church; My very presence made manifest to you & in you.

You must also stop being so BUSY & DISTRACTED like Martha had become. Your business of life is the cause for all your anxieties, fears, & worries.

Only by your abiding & resting in Me will the burden of this world & its pressures be lifted from your shoulders. Don’t you realize that this is the very purpose & reason for My coming to suffer & die for you on My cross? I came & did what I did to remove every thing that hinders My love!

It is for this reason that I endured the cross with joy scorning its shame. I came to rent the veil to reveal My heart of love, to set you free to know My love, & for you to be able to love Me with the very same love that I have for you. O, if only you would awaken to love!

When you awaken to My love the eyes of your heart will open up to My goodness, love & mercy. The Spirit is busy preaching through My friends, the friends of the Bridegroom, that I have always loved you. Listen to the Spirit! Listen to My friends! My gospel is the good news of My love for you.

Bride of Jesus; I have chosen you & appointed you to recapture the hearts & the imagination of a people whose hearts have hardened against Me. But I want you first to repent from neglecting Me as your First Love, before I can infuse you with the illumination of My love so that you might become a testimony of My love.

Will you heed the call? Will you listen to the words of My servants, the friends of the Bridegroom? Come now My love & seek intimacy with Me. What I have for you cannot be compared with all of the greatest treasures, wonders, & riches of this world combined and multiplied even to infinity.

For those of you who would answer this call from My heart & have laid down your lives for the love of Me, for you I have the greatest reward available to mortal men; My very presence made manifest to you & in you. For those who are prepared to shun the world & the business of life I will soon reward with My presence, power & glory made manifest to you, in you, & through you.

There is a generation that will still yet conquer My heart through their complete sacrifice & extravagant devotion to Me. They will be a people who would have counted the cost & still have wasted their lives on Me, for nothing else but their love for Me. Nothing in all creation can conquer Me, but your complete sacrifice for the love of Me.

I want a bride who would love Me in such a manner; the very same love that I have for her as I have demonstrated on the cross. She would then have power with Me & whatever she would ask of Me I would not deny her. This way My glory will be revealed through her in all the earth.

Prepare yourself for waves of My power & glory that will soon come upon you to awaken, empower, & purify you. These waves will remove all hindrances of My love & it will also remove all obstacles standing against the movement that I’m about to birth through you.

For you have need of endurance, so that when you have done the will of God you may receive what is promised. For, yet a little while, and the coming one will come and will not delay; and the Lord whom you seek will suddenly come to His temple; and the messenger of the covenant in whom you delight, behold, he is coming, says the LORD of hosts.

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