Love is patient, love is kind
Love consoles, a troubled mind
Love is humble, love is meek
Love is strong, when we are weak

Love is caring, love is pure
Love is faithful, nothing’s truer
Love is loyal, love defends
Love lays down, its life for friends

Love is goodness, love delights
Love embodies, all that’s right
Love is better, love excels
Love extends, beyond ourselves

Love is action, love is prayer
Love is truth, to conquer fear
Love is hopeful, love redeems
Love revives, our shattered dreams

Love is passion, love is zeal
Love empowers, hearts to heal
Love is joyful, love is glad
Love is comfort, to the sad

Love is gentle, love is just
Love is tender, to the touch
Love is higher, love exceeds
Love endures, beyond our needs

Love is broader, love is deep
Love abounds, to all who seek
Love is peaceful, love is calm
Love protects, to keep from harm

Love is steadfast, love abides
Love restores, our broken lives
Love is thankful, love is blessed
Love is wiser, love is best

Love is richer, love is great
Love is triumph, over hate
Love is generous, love is free
Love exists, eternally

Love is yearned for, love is sought
Love is found, within God’s court
Love is noble, love is brave
Love is Jesus’, power to save

Love is mercy, love is grace
Love forgives, the human race
Love is endless, love persists
Love survives, for God exists

Love is perfect, love prevails
Love remains, when all else fails

© Carolyn Becket , New Zealand

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