I saw a vision of Southern Africa

November 2004, while praying for our country, I saw a vision:
Southern Africa was black, dark and full of anguish.
Above it in mid air was a glass trough as big as Southern Africa, filled with a thick black mass.
Every now and then some of this blackness spills onto the earth beneath it, making Southern Africa darker and darker.

There appeared a glass pitcher, even bigger than the trough, filled with oil.
Slowly the oil where being poured into the glass trough.

The oil flowed down to the bottom of the trough with the blackness floating on top.
The spilling of the blackness increased.
Africa became even darker.


In 2007 the picture looked slightly different.
The trough, now half filled with oil and the top half still with the thick blackness.

The pitcher still pouring oil…


October 2009 the trough now filled with oil.
The trough is shining, not with a brilliant light, but as if the sun light is shining through the oil, lighting up Africa with a golden yellow light.
The pitcher still pouring.
Now oil is spilling onto Southern Africa, washing away the blackness…


Last night we where also praying about ministry and specifically the need for ministry to grow international.

While praying, I saw the the same picture of Southern Africa with the trough, pitcher and oil.
The whole of Southern Africa is covered with the oil and is reflecting the sunlight, like small golden waves early morning on the sea.
Groups of people grabing hold of the edges of the oil covering Southern Africa and start pulling it and stretching it over the rest of the globe.
Some went by boat, some walked, some flew and others went by car.

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