Tribute to Dr. Kelley Varner

Our family would like to thank each and
every one of you for your prayers.
We truly feel them.
The Varner Family – Jacksonville.

My Tribute to Dr. Kelley Varner
Gods’ Scribe & Orator
My Friend

by David Huskins

From almost his beginning in ministry he spoke with The Tongue of the Learned. He built his life upon the foundations of The Tabernacle with his keen insight that The Tabernacle: was Jesus. He launched into the world from the small town of Richlands North Carolina with a knowing in his heart that Where There Is No Vision people perish.

Building his life upon Four Foundations of Effectual Prayer He taught us all to become Skywalkers. With The Power of the Flaming Sword He caused all to see A Vision of Your Worth. With boldness and confidence no man forbad him in addressing The Issues of Life. He was a man transformed by the Holy Ghost Baptism. From the time of that transformation he was never afraid to Dare to be Different.

He would say Choose Ye This Day whom ye will serve because you have been Chosen for Greatness. Kelley Varner with Types and Shadows could open The Twelve Gates of the City or explain Moses, The Master & The Manchild. No one could equal his ability to Sound the Alarm.

He was not just a orator, theologian or scribe he was a man of the family and home as exemplified by his wife and four children. He understood The Importance of the Home and Family. In fact he established his life on Kingdom Principles for the Home. Dr. Varner understood that there must be A Lamb for a House. He knew that The Land and The Throne were for those committed to family.

He had a knowing The Priesthood is Changing. So with a clarion call he would lift his voice as clear as Jesus did in the Sermon on the Mount. No matter the opposition or fiery trial he would press through like a battle axe and say Sing O Barren. The song of the Lord was common place for Kelley Varner because he knew with a song there was victory.

From The Time of Messiah until this present day few have ever embraced present truth to the dimension of this modern day apostle of God. Through his revelation and faith he established A More Excellent Ministry. He was a man of humble understanding that the anointing on all of us together was greater than the anointing on any one of us. He knew that the Corporate Anointing was the answer to the need of the world.

With the tenacity of a civil rights leader he tackled The Three Great Prejudices. He did it with an Unshakeable Peace. He could be as bold as a lion or as harmless as a dove. A great part of that confidence came not only from his having given himself to the study of the word but from his willingness to walk in Freedom from 12 Deadly Sins.

Will we miss him? I already do. While our heart may be saddened and our emotions overflowing I know he would remind us to Rest in the Day of Trouble.

When I was facing my open heart surgery his booming voice came through the other end of the phone and said “The most powerful thing about you is that you are still here, if the devil could have killed you he would have, he didn’t so he can’t.” I received it then for me and now for all of us.

The real question is not why did Kelley go but why were we left. His voice will never be silent. Wherever our voices are heard his voice will be heard.

I can hear him say “Bill Britton taught me to write and G C McCurry taught me to preach.” What a reunion they are all having now. Through that combination we were all taught to Prevail. He now joins not only his mentors but the one Whose Right It Is in fully stepping into the Secrets of the Ascended Life.

While Mrs. Joanne, Jonathan, April, Joy Beth, David, Pastor Ward and Praise Tabernacle Family, Nat Rand and all the host of Richlands grieves in a way that is different and deeper than ours let it be known that all of the Body of Christ pauses to say we owe a gratitude of praise to all of you for loaning your gift to us. We grieve with you and yet celebrate the life of Dr. Kelley Varner; My Friend, God’s Scribe and Voice.

It is no mistake that he just finished the new manuscript for the book for the next generation, I Am Not Afraid of My Future nor that he is being laid to rest on the opening day of his conference, and the week of Fathers Day. He truly touched the nations and is leaving a legacy for the next generation. We truly have not had many fathers but there was a man sent from God whose name was Varner.Kelley Varner a father indeed.

Rest in Peace my dear friend. Your voice will never be silent.

David Huskins

4 gedagtes oor “Tribute to Dr. Kelley Varner”

  1. I miss Pastor Kelly Varner so much! He was the greatest most complete example that I have seen! When I think of him, I cannot help but see Jesus. Jesus and he really is one! I love pastor Kelly for the example he left to the individual, family and local chuch. Thank you Jesus for this example in my day and age!


  2. i have a christian bookshop in orkney and is very interested in kelly varner books/literature.please help.


  3. It was shocking when pastor (pst.Olubi Johnson-Nigeria) announced in church. I really love to see him face to face before His demise but He was inded a LIFE channel


  4. I thank the Lord for Kelley Varner,, He was a true Apostle , who taught with such acuracy and precision, it was truely a thing of beauty,, I was exposed to his ministry over 20 years ago and in my estimation he was one of the most powerful teachers in the world.. In a day where many are preaching and teaching inacurate, i was always amazed at the wisdom and grace of god on his life every time i read his books or listed to him on cd or my ipod. i was always blown away and you could read his books and listen to the wisdom that the lord gave him and learn something new everytime. He was a true father to the body of christ a man dedicated to the word of God and prayer. Although i only met him once in person because he was my pastors Pastor . He spoke Volumes into my life and i mean Volumes His ministry was a Voice of Truth . Thank You Kelly Varner for a life of dedication to the lord I always heard jesus in your books and tapes I say with tears i will truely miss you Although i never met you in person , I look over at my spiritual library and see your lifes work ,,moses and the manchild, sound the alarm, secrets of the ascended place, Chose for greatness, the corparate anointing and the many others i gave away From the bottom of my Heart i say Thank you , for your example and dedication to the High Call I truely know im blessed for the privlege of Sitting under the ministry the Lord Gave you ,, I will greatly miss you , But your lifes work will still speak volumes into my life and others Your Fatherly example made a great impact John


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