Come Lord Jesus!

Covering is firstly based on relationship. That is why Paul talks about a Husband and Wife relationship. The Husband is the head, but he must adore and love his wife. The Wife must be subject to the husband but must love and respect him.

Being the head speaks about the covering and not a position of rulership. Paul explains that the head must lay down his life for the rest of the body – Jesus said the same thing, but also did it…

That’s why Jesus is the head of the body and we are the body…

In times when relationship does not exist, there is no head, nor body. Paul said that the husband must love in the same way he loves and take care of his own body. The Body is not only the physical body of the man, but it is the body of the unity in the relationship he is in.

We are the body and Christ is the head. It is not the head that treats the wound, but the arms and hands. It is not only the head that say I love you, but the arms and hands that pick you up when you are down and the arms and hands that embrace you when you need love and support.

I do not see a church as the head or the body, for Christ is the head and we are the body… Our relationship with a church forms a unity and structure, but this unity and structure never replace the head or the body. Our relationships within a church is part of the body and the preacher’s words is the hands and feet caring for the body, washing the body and enabling the body.

As far as the covering of the church goes, I do not know – the body is a unity that needs to take care of it self by that which comes from the head (Jesus Christ). We are the hands and feet, we are the body!!!

It might be that we are alone and struggling, but we are still part of the body.

Heavenly Father I need You!
In times of goodness and cheer,
in times of pain and fear.
Lord Jesus I need You!

Come take charge of my relationships,
bind us together for function and unity,
bind us together for love and beauty.
Lord take charge of my relationships.

Fill me up with Your words of truth,
Edify, teach and impart in wisdom,
that we may share it among us
as Your peace fill our hearts.

Come take charge of my life,
fill me up with your truth,
with strength as in my youth,
Jesus, take charge of my life.

Heavenly Father we need You!
Through every joyful tear,
through every valley of fear.
Lord Jesus we need You!

At times we need to ask for relationships with the people He wants in our lives and not those we think or believe should be…

Be blessed,
Thomas Dreyer

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