There is no god, god does not exist!!!

There is no god!
God does not exist!
There is no scientific proof, no logical explanation that there ever was or is such a thing as god.

Do you believe there is a god, can you in any way proof his existence? The answer is probably, No, there is no proof…

I have found no proof of God’s existence either…
except for my own life!

I was born from an unwedded mother, put up for adoption, doomed for life, heading for destruction.

I was adopted by a wonderful mother and father that prayed for me and dedicated my life to God. My mother read a verse just after this dedication “I will be his Father, and he shall be My son.”

My life started as a living hell and I hated and distrusted everything and everyone. Slowly but surely it started to change…

All through my life I could see the protection and care of someone greater and stronger than life on earth. I was very soft spoken, quiet and small, but had a wild heart. I was always playing outside, flying, jumping and falling from everything I could climbed, yet I never broke a leg, an arm or anything… I once was racing up a staircase on my BMX and fell more than one and half a storey to the ground and I hand only a hairline fracture in my shoulder…

When I was much older this protection and care continued. I was in three serious motorcar accidents. I was never hurt except once. I was driving a Toyota Venture and it was written of completely. The insurance people would not believe that any one survived the accident. I had a briefcase with some documents and a cellphone. The briefcase was crushed and the cellphone inside it burst. I had only a small cut on my right elbow… It was only then that I realised or saw the involvement of Someone greater in my life.

And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb, and because of the word of their testimony. And they did not love their soul until death.
(Rev 12:11)

Today I’m convinced in every single way that there is a God. He is my Life-giver and I belong to Him.

When you read the rest of this Blog I pray that you will find Him here and come to know that there is a God that Care and Love every single person!!!

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