ZIMBABWE – curse or country

We do not know the impact of Zimbabwe on our lives because we are too self-focused or would rather keep it at a distance. The problem is that we are all touched by the violence of our continent we see their pain and sometimes live their pain because in keeps spilling into South Africa…

Are we then going to stay afar of?
Let us look at some of the news headlines on Zimbabwe:

  • Zimbabwe opposition wants torture camps to close
  • Zimbabwe opposition says poll violence could hit alarming proportions
  • Zimbabwe: Emergency Relief Appeal
  • Zimbabwe vote crisis may hurt ’08 platinum output-JM
  • Zim saddened by SA violence
  • Zimbabwe Exiles Forum slams attacks on foreigners

Is this something you would want in your country?
Do we know how to fight for freedom – nope, we have lost the desire to fight, because we think we are free. True we might be free and this freedom is a gift from great men and woman who fought for it, but if we do not fight to stay free, we have already lost our freedom!!!

It is time to fight for the freedom of Africa!!!

If you would like to make a donation towards this and other initiatives please go to www.wezimbabwe.org.

2 gedagtes oor “ZIMBABWE – curse or country”

  1. Dear Friends

    I am calling upon people of all nations to join together to support a
    message to the United Nations Secretary General to take appropriate action
    to resolve the desperate situation in Zimbabwe.

    I have initiated this email from Perth, Western Australia, on the 09/05/2008
    10.30am, to my family, friends and associates. It is with the belief that
    the good that is in every one of us will be enough to deliver this message
    to the United Nations Secretary General and be actioned.

    Last Saturday, 3rd of May, I sat down to write a letter to the UN Secretary
    General about the horrific situation unfolding in Zimbabwe. People are being
    killed, tortured, and beaten senseless while food is being withheld from
    them. This situation is now becoming genocide. The blatant way that the
    Mugabe regime is manipulating the situation to hold on to power is
    intolerable. The evidence coming through on the atrocities is undeniable and
    almost certain to be underestimated. And this is all happening while our UN
    is saying very little.

    Anyway, half way through my letter I realised that it was not going to be
    very effective … what’s one voice against an international body? It
    occurred to me to do something that would have far greater effect (I’m
    hoping anyway). So I have put together a website and forum for the specific
    aim of mounting pressure on the UN Secretary General to take action.

    I am asking you to spare the time to visit http://www.helpsavezimbabwe.org
    read the Message to the UN and register your support if you agree with it.
    You also have the opportunity to register your disapproval if you wish.
    There will be an up-to-date count and other stats on the website for you to
    keep track of the progress. The UN will have the opportunity to post an
    official response to the message. There is also a forum for you to post
    comments or participate in any discussions. I will be updating the site
    with relevant news etc as it comes to hand.

    My hope is that our small efforts together as people of all nations will
    grow bigger than any one nation alone and be beneficial to the plight of
    those living in Zimbabwe. At the very least I would like them to know that
    there are people who care and want to assist them.

    Time is of the essence here people so please take action today to register
    and forward this email on to all the people you know so the force of all the
    nations unites. Sometimes a small action, that is of little effort to us
    individually, has the potential for a great consequence to others,
    especially when we all join together.

    Thankyou for your time, have a great day and sleep well tonight knowing your
    single voice has joined many others in the chorus calling for action.

    Yours sincerely,

    MDM Taylor

    PS If you want to help out with the forum, or in any other way, please make
    contact here.

    PSS. Please remove the addresses and virus footers off this message before
    sending this on, if you know how, to keep the message clear and avoid
    clogging up cyberspace .


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