Katara’s Poem

Ek weet dat ons deur pyn en hartseer gaan en dat dit nie vermy kan word nie, maar soms dink ek dat die verwagtings van ons samelewing, ons eie verwagtings en ook die van ons familie en vriende ons soms net te ver druk en die pyn en hartseer so erg word dat dit ons kan vernietig.

Ek dink nie dit is nodig om so te lewe nie en ek weet ook dat ons Here en God dit nie in ons lewens wil hê nie.

Hier volg ‘n gedig van ‘n dertienjarige wat hierdie vernietigende lewe baie goed uitbeeld:

Cold ice rain drenched her skin
Freezing through the clothes she’s in
Why does no one realize
The pain she feels everyday
The reason she never has a word to say
She has a fear of getting close
Of hurting the people she loves most
She lost everything once before
She doesn’t want to lose any more
Her heart is locked her soul is blind
Her fear is of a different kind
The thing she fears most of all
The reason she’s caught in this eerie drawl
Of frozen rain and pitch black cloud
Of thunder rumbling deep and loud
Of lightning flashing overhead
Of silence where not a word is said
The reason she’s scared of each coming day
Shell face all else, come what may
She’s scared of what she harnesses inside
Inside herself hidden from the world
For what she has she has no pride
With every step her path is furled
She does not care where she goes
As long as its away from the life she knows
She’s afraid of herself
Of what she can do
Once everything had been so different
Such a perfect life
That was before he came to her
He brought all the strife
He destroyed all she had
Its HIS fault that her soul died
And now the burning fires
Burning inside her heart
Have brought on a life of loneliness
She never meant to start
And the pain she feels every waking moment
Was due to one mistake
She made a long time ago
A mistake so great yet so disguised
She blames herself, she did not know
She trusted him and his stone cold lies
And now all she had lies beneath the floor
She’s alone and afraid once more

© RoseLaurel

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