Your Prayer Life

Prayer is part of your life (or should be) and needs to become just that – life.

J.D. Muyskens explains it like this:

We enter prayer with our whole being. When we talk to God we employ our thinking faculties. Good thinking may lead to good theology based on biblical study. As we listen to God, we give thought to what we hear. So, of course, we use our heads — and more. We love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength, our whole being. We pray with head and heart, our whole selves in communion with our Maker.

J. David Muyskens
Forty Days to a Closer Walk with God

Your prayer life should also include contemplation:

The contemplation of God is gained in a variety of ways. For we not only discover God by admiring God’s incomprehensible essence, a thing that still lies hidden in the hope of the promise, but we see God through the greatness of creation, the consideration of God’s justice, and the aid of God’s daily providence. With pure minds we contemplate what God has done with God’s saints in every generation. With trembling hearts we admire the power with which God governs, directs, and rules all things; we admire the vastness of God’s knowledge and that eye of God’s from which no secrets of the heart can lie hidden. We gaze in unbounded admiration on God’s mercy, which with unwearied patience endures the countless sins that are every moment being committed under God’s very eyes.

John Cassian
Making a Life of Prayer

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