Dear Friend,
I’m sure that you are well aware of this week’s news events regarding the Dutch Refromed church (NGK) and the position they have taken regarding homosexuality in the church and homosexual ministers. Allow me for a moment to comment on the position they have taken and the possible reasons behind their controversial decision. I believe this week’s study on true worship is very much in season and it is also relevant to this very matter we are discussing here.

It is clear from the scriptures that where people are guilty of idolatry homosexuality will ultimately be the end result. The apostle Paul writes in the epistle to the Romans that; once people worship created things instead of the Creator (this is idolatry) they will be given over to shameful lusts, and homosexuality is one of these shameful lusts. ( see Romans2:18-32) Homosexuality is a sin and it is perversion. Homosexuality is one of the few sins that God calls an abomination. The church is guilty of pervasive idolatry and this is hindering true worship in the church. Therefore homosexuality is not only a pervasive problem in this world but also in the church. As the church we have the authority to bind or loose and whatsoever we loose on the earth will be loosed in heaven. ( see Matthew18:18-20) This works both ways; we can release good on the earth and we can also release evil on the earth. Therefore we are responsible for this current epidemic of homosexuality because of our idolatry. Once the church begins to worship in spirit and in truth (John4:23) this evil along with a host of other evils and social ills will be dealt a severe blow.

God loves the sinner (homosexuals) but he hates the sin (homosexuality). And homosexuals along with paedophile’s, murderers, prostitute’s, and all manner and kinds of sinners must be welcomed by the church with the open arms of Christ’s love. BUT once they give their lives to Christ and join the brotherhood of Christ they must renounce their sin and previous lifestyle. The position taken by the Dutch Reformed church (NGK) is in direct opposition to the commandment of God in His word. The reason for them doing this is partly because of political pressure within from humanistic believers and partly because they do not esteem the bible as God’s inspired word and final authority. The truth is that there are many leaders and theologians in the Dutch Reformed church (NGK) who are in fact not even saved! The very same church (NGK) who had a commission of inquiry this week to investigate whether Satan is real or not, does not even realize that he is alive and well in their church and in control of the policies taken by them. The spirit of this world (secular humanism) calls for tolerance BUT the church can never be tolerant of sin and everything that contradicts the word of God.

As a prophetic voice the church must speak against the sin and wickedness of this world, including homosexuality. It is my believe that the Dutch Reformed church (NGK) has departed from the Way and they must repent and return to God. There are some people and congregations within this church that are true worshipers and bible based believers. Therefore I believe that a church split is on the cards and it is indeed a must. True worshipers and true believers cannot associate with apostate (backslidden) and false believers. (see 1Co5:11)

Let us pray and intercede for this church, its leaders and the homosexuals among them that God may have mercy on them and open up their blind eyes. I trust that the study on true worship will bless you.